Performance Summary

Dear Investors and Advisers,

End year 2019 with an up of +50% for v1 and +10% for v2 of the A.I, we believe will make big in 2020. We also have a great plan for 2020 with an app start to design and release by June 2020. Again, happy holidays and Happy New Year

All the best,

Huyen X. Vu

Project Overview

This Week

100 %
Trade Win

Version 3.1

A.I series

19 Dec 2018

Live account start


Days from start

Table of return Tam thom 3 5219
  • Tam thom - an A.I automatically since Jan 2017. Generated 50%+ of investors's equity. Deep learning on the algorithm, 4000+ trade, average win rate are at 85,7%. Club members are free to join as little as $2,500 initially. Login for member only content or contact us for more information.
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For Your Eyes Only

$ 250,000

target by Dec 2020

16.03 %




$ 49,061


$ 7,496


$ 40,065 raised

$ 44,663


$ 44,132


-$ 530

Floatting P/L

Equity TT3 522019

Policy overview and benefit

effective from 01 June 2019, apply to new and current members

  • 18 months minimum investment, after that withdrawal notice 1 month
  • Our commitment is minimum 6% annually
  • Management fee 05% a quarter
  • Our fee is 25% of realized profit after 6%

General Terms and Conditions apply

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The FXVNOL team


Forex Practical Club was founded by a team of forex experts, working together to create passive income opportunity. Our mission is to help everyone cash in on the forex market opportunity by Deep Learning and A.I technology.