Weekly Performance Summary

Dear Investors and Advisers,

Foreign central banks (like the Bank of Japan and European Central Bank) have set policy rates in negative territory as a tool intended to stimulate growth by making it unattractive for banks to hold cash and thus incentivizing loan-making. Longer-term rates abroad have moved into negative territory amid economic weakness, waning inflation and expectations for more aggressive stimulus (bond purchases) from the ECB and BoJ

Our A.I generated 1.42% this week, here is details for this week:

Project Overview


A.I series

19 Dec 2018

Start day


Days from start


Account type

This Week

Trade Win
Margin used
Current Draw-down

$ 616

Realized Profit

$ 382

Equity Change

1.42 %



Lot Traded

Monthly return table for A.I code Tam thom 1

Table of return Tam thom 1 4319

Table of return Tam thom 1 Week 43 / 2019

Monthly return table for A.I code Tam thom 3 (This round)

Table of return Tam thom 3 4319

Table of return Tam thom 3 Week 43 / 2019

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