This Week Of Ciato

Despite last week’s pullback, equities are still up 6% over a 12-month period. Maintaining a long-term perspective can help investors see past short-lived economic headwinds tied to global shocks like the coronavirus. Just as healthy branches tend to bend but not break under the downward pressure of snow, we think the bull market will not be broken by a global shock if underlying economic conditions remain robust. By focusing on the bigger picture, investors can put this week’s market pullback into the larger macroeconomic context characterized by still-positive fundamentals.

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07 Jan 2017

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Table of Performance: A.I Code Name Ciato

Table of return Ciato Final Week 09 2020Table of return Ciato Final 0820Table of return Ciato Final 0820

  • Ciato – code name of our A.I in forex market since Jan 2017. Deep learning on the algorithm, 4000+ trade, average win rate are at 85,7%. Investment from 500$ each month for 5 years.


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Forex Practical Club was founded by a team of forex experts, working together to create passive income opportunity. Our mission is to help everyone cash in on the forex market opportunity by Deep Learning and A.I technology.