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We expect growth to slow in 2020 to just below the 10-year expansion average, with no catalysts such as tax cuts expected to reinvigorate growth. We expect consumers to fuel the economic expansion. In addition, interest rate cuts enacted last year should provide a modest support to the economy in the first half of 2020. 

This week Ciato2 traded only 01 time with 100% acculturate. 

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19 Dec 2018

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Table of return Ciato02 0320Table of return Ciato02 0320

  • Ciato – code name of our A.I in forex market since Jan 2017. Generated 50%+ of investors’s equity. Deep learning on the algorithm, 4000+ trade, average win rate are at 85,7%. Club members are free to join as little as $10,000 initially. Contact us for more information.


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Forex Practical Club was founded by a team of forex experts, working together to create passive income opportunity. Our mission is to help everyone cash in on the forex market opportunity by Deep Learning and A.I technology.