[TamThom3] – Financial Weekly Report 14.04.2019 to 21.04.2019


  • Current value (balance): $36,433
  • Current encashment value (equity): $30,958
  • Total invested: $42,961
  • Total withdrawals: $7,496
[Tam thom 3] – Value history 20.04.19 since policy start date

What Is the Difference Between Balance & Equity in Forex?

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  • Trading result
    • This week: -$71
    • Open orders: -$5,475
[Tam thom 3] – Close 20.04.19
[Tam thom 3] – Open 20.04.19
  • Details share holders 20 Apr 2019
[Tam thom 3] – Details share holders 20 Apr 2019


  • All members accept the risk of losing 100% of their investment;
  • Loss and benefit depend on the current floating Profit / Loss of the account;
  • 20% of realized profit will be shared with advisers on a weekly basis;
  • Members can only withdraw after 6 months after policy start; withdrawal request need to be made 1 week in advance and will process during weekend when market is closed.
  • Terms and Conditions apply

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