Road map update Oct 2019

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Oct 20

Our road map has been update as in home page.

Concept and Research – April 5, 2014

A.I trading gonna be future of personal financial investment. We need an agorthym that improve itself overtime. Break-out system and HL-500 were tested, small success that motivated us to keep on going.

Commitment – January 1, 2016

In 2016, we bough to be the largest and most trusted investing forum in Vietnam, however the A.I were not designed for large member, it were designed for small member with large trade volume. The divergence between the number of users and the design concept of the Robot make it a fail. We close down forum and focus in develop and test.

Tam Thom 1 learn from all mistake and start slowly with our own money from Jan 2017.

Tam thom 2 start Jan 2018 and we close after 6 months as we realize a fail in this concept. I start writing on Quora; and have 1st book publication about Forex investing Q&A;

Tam thom 3 start Jan 2019 with money from close friends and family.

Traction – April 5, 2020

Tam thom 1 will have 3 years track record by Dec 2019; We plan to get first customer and get the word out from there.

All old and new customers will enjoy no service fee until further notice for this period (Start 20 Oct 2019)

Refinement – April 5, 2021

In the next 2 years, we will receiving —and soliciting—feedback from early adopters, then using that feedback to continue refining our product or service. How can we improve our offering? What about our customer experience? Concentrate on expanding the aspects of our product that are most beneficial to customers. Our early interactions with customers go a long way toward establishing our credibility and building customer trust. Show that we are taking customers’ concerns into account as we continue to develop our offering. Refinement also means refining our process, making it more efficient. How can we streamline our process? Are there parts of the workflow we can cut out altogether? Is product performance matching our projections, and if not, where is it getting derailed? Test our strategies and track conversion rates, social media analytics, and any other data we can to inform our decisions.

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