Where can I find a registered Forex trader to trade for me?


QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhere can I find a registered Forex trader to trade for me?
FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff asked 9 months ago
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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff answered 9 months ago

There are no place to register as a trader. But yes there is register account manager.
However the best license you can trust (and the only one) is their trading history.
A good account manage in my point of view should be:

  1. Been in trading business for more than 5 years.
  2. Experience with failure and not defeated, for example: Lost as least 100,000$ his/her own money to market or lost everything he/she has and learn the lesson.
  3. After the shock, still come back to trading and have a prof good trading history for more than 6 months.
  4. Good history mean:
    1. Positive pips gain
    2. Average winning is stable, not some time win 1000 pips sometimes win 1 pip.. it should be every trades are almost the same and gain almost the same pips. It so that the trader totally in control not emotional.
    3. Stable earning, every month same same from 3 to 5% ; not this month lose next month win 100%. We dont need gambler, we need trader that know how to trade and get the same result every month.

If you looking for that kind of trader you can find that it is extremely rare.