What’s your worst mistake yet as a forex trader?


QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat’s your worst mistake yet as a forex trader?
FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff asked 5 months ago
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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff answered 5 months ago

There are so many to count and I am not sure which were the worst

  1. In term of financial, I let my greed overcome myself and trade from 5,000$ to more than 120,000$ but then lose it all. From that lose I also lose clients, lose opportunities and set back about 4,5 years until I can get back to the same level.
  2. In term of relation ship, the same period I lose a very good worker, he is so talented in coding, that set me back in business about 3 years.

But overall, I am happy because nothing teach me more than forex. Also, I am stable now because of forex.