What makes a good fx trader?


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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff asked 8 months ago
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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff answered 8 months ago

This will be the same if you ask if someone likes pizza. Some will say yes and some no because each one have their all taste and point of view of what is “good”. Most of all they day good is making lot of money, seem correct but not enough.
I will say there are 5 level from good to great.

  1. Trade not effectively and even dont know why bad trades happen.
  2. Know that something is missing and try to learn, looking for better trading method but still not making money.
  3. Know several method to trade but still not make money because psychology is not prepared.
  4. Trade and make money. Having enough TA and FA skills to gain money from market.
  5. Can teach some other how to trade effectively.

That is only my personal view, so maybe other can help too please