How would you invest $10,000Aud to get the maximum profit possible?

By shekhar verma

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow would you invest $10,000Aud to get the maximum profit possible?
shekhar verma Staff asked 2 weeks ago
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Profile photo ofhuyenvuxuanFXVNOL Staff answered 2 weeks ago

I have invest in myself, on my journey of 10.000$ to 1.000.000$ .

If you want you can follow me, we are in same boat.

Study more at my blog, take your time, watch my money growth on live stream ( Forex Manage Account – Live Forex Signal 24/7 ) and let me know if you may have any questions.

Here is this month report 07/07/2017 ( 6 months from start )

10.000$ to 1.000.000$ project update:

From 2.000$ initial of 7 Jan 2017, at 7 July 2017 project now reach to 36.000$. ROI 180%. Gain on average 6.3% a month, 13.000 pips gain, max dd 14.5%, profit factor 1.2.

Project is looking for seed money from angel investor to reach 100.000$ by 7 Sept 2017. 10% manage fee only for angel investor.

Very competitive compare to current 2/20 rule. Please do share!

myfxbook link:

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