How can I start learning Forex?


QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I start learning Forex?
FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff asked 9 months ago
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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff answered 9 months ago

To be successful in forex is the same with successful in other field. You need :

  1. Passion to success: if you are in nice situation, you feel ok, have just enough money, comfortable.. then dont start forex. Only start when you feel the urge to change your situation, when you face really serious problem about future.
  2. Times: to read, learn, apply, misstake and do it all over again. I read 5 hours a days when I first start.
  3. Resource: you will win sometimes, lose sometimes. I were negative about 50,000$ in 5 years in my learning curve. So prepare for it before start.
  4. You need a partner, no matter how good you are, if you dont have a good broker as your side, you lose it all. Regarding this, I have some sharing : Select right partner among Best Forex Broker – The first step and most important step
  5. Try your best and keep finding a mentor, (a experience traders with a living real history of more than 1 years track record) that willing to teach you. If you lucky, he/she will save you 3–5 years.

I hope that help