Do you use trading bots for Forex or you don’t trust them?


QuestionsCategory: QuestionsDo you use trading bots for Forex or you don’t trust them?
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FXVNOLFXVNOL Staff answered 9 months ago

Been doing it but stop for a good reason.

We have developed a very simple but yet effective way of trading and we use a bot to do the daily work for us. We call it TP Links for take profit links. From 1.0 we use for 1 year and modify so it trade better and better years after years. When we stopped, it been reach to 4.0.

Normal trading person (experiend one) could not gain as much as a bot. For example on 2.6 we make it triple account in less than 6 months, and collapped. 3.2 made us 800% in 8 months; 4.0 double in less than 2 months..

Reason we stopped because we are fear. The trading theory is going to collapse account soonner or later. Only the matter of time before all money goes. Only way to make money from it is you have to withdraw frequently and restart frequently. But again everyone is so greedy that noone can ever do that in our team. Trust me it easy to talk but when you have a midas hand you are not happy. We decided to put money of real estate but that not the field we are master so we either have money to continues with 5.0 and neither cash to support daily activities of the group.

I myself continue with manual trading and see if can gain 1m from market from just 12k initial investment in 7 years times. And i am happier , less stressful than when I use tp links.