Copy Trades

Forex Vietnam Online provides, to our registered members, an automated “Forex” copy trading services from our own FXVNOL’s A.I code Ciato®

Monthly return tables for A.I code Ciato real live since Jan 2017

You can always monitor the performance of the robot at

Our service aims to enables investors with minimal knowledge or expertise to invest and trade successfully with little direct involvement. There is always risk with Forex trading; our role is to considerably reduce the risk and to substantially improve success levels using our technology.


  • Funds are placed by you into a dedicated account with an accredited trading broker.
  • From this trading account the investor can deposit funds, monitor the trading performance and withdraw funds at any time.
  • Original capital and profits can only be transferred out to the investor’s original bank account or another account in the same name.
  • Funds are always totally under the control of the investor.
  • Funds are added or withdrawn by direct arrangement between the investor and the broker.
  • Forex Vietnam Online only need access to monitor the account;
  • FXVNOL has no access to investor funds.
  • Trading results are solely attributed to the individual clients account; funds are not pooled in any way.
  • Risk level settings and trading strategies can be changed within 24 hours on the client’s instruction.


  • Fix monthly fee for VPS and Robot placing : 39 $ / month;
  • Performance bonus (at end of June and Dec): When FXVNOL make more than 6% per annual, investor will award FXVNOL 25% of the profit above that level.

If investor get a profit below 6% per annual, there would be no performance bonus for us.

Each client has view access to the trading account(s) managed by FXVNOL and can monitor trading activity and trading costs. This is either granted via direct access to the trading account or with a portal where the client can log in and check on his account(s). Moreover, all brokers provide daily and/or monthly trading statements listing open and closed transactions, traded instruments, paid commissions per transaction, and traded volumes in standard lots (1 lot = 100k of the base currency). Commissions vary from broker to broker and range from 2.4 to 7 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF per standard lot (100k) round turn. The reports differ slightly from broker to broker but always contain all relevant data for the client to monitor performance and trading costs.


FXVNOL required an ECN 1:400 leverage from a repeatable broker to trade. For recommend broker please refer to this list at Recommended Brokers


There are simple 3 steps at follow

We are under the obligation to verify the identity of all account holders. The identity of an individual is verified by means of a government-issued identity document (“ID”) and proof of residency (“POR”) for that individual. This take 1 business day (if you have ID and POR ready, color scan). Click here to register or login.

Do the account opening with one of our recommend brokers in parallel to Step 01. Once the account number is available, please send it to us together with the amount, currency, strategy and risk setup you would like to invest in, so that we can prepare the asset management agreement. This process is up to the broker, it take less than 10 minutes to open an account and one business day for the broker to verified (if you have ID and POR ready, color scan).

After receiving all required agreements, your trading account(s) will be linked to our trading strategies by us.