May 25

In 2016, we bough to be the largest and most trusted investing forum in Vietnam, however the A.I were not designed for large member, it were designed for small member with large trade volume. The divergence between the number of users and the design concept of the Robot make it a fail. We close down forum and focus in develop and test.

Tam Thom 1 learn from all mistake and start slowly with our own money from Jan 2017.

Tam thom 2 start Jan 2018 and we close after 6 months as we realize a fail in this concept. I start writing on Quora; and have 1st book publication about Forex investing Q&A;

Tam thom 3 start Jan 2019 with money from close friends and family.


About the Author

Forex Practical Club was founded by a team of forex experts, working together to create passive income opportunity. Our mission is to help everyone cash in on the forex market opportunity by Deep Learning and A.I technology.