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Week 39 of 2019 : Keeping Politics Out Of Your Portfolio

[Tam thom 3] - week 39 of 2019

While politics grab headlines ultimately, it’s economics and earnings that drive long-term portfolio returns. While we expect political uncertainty to continue as we approach the 2020 presidential election, it’s important to note that, historically, markets have returned 10% on average regardless of which party controlled the White House or Congress

Week 38 of 2019 : Cut Rates

[Tam thom 3] - week 38 of 2019

Does administering medicine to a healthy person prevent them from getting sick? This is the question facing the market. The Fed cut interest rates last week for the second time this year – monetary medicine aimed at prolonging the current economic expansion. Meanwhile, the patient isn’t exactly in dire need of treatment, with the U.S. economy exhibiting a reasonably clean bill of health, underpinned by a strong consumer.