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Looking for an investment plan that work? Learn more our algorithm and let our Robot start make profit for you.

What is benefit of forex robot trading?

Robot forex (or A.I) is a software that trades for you based on a strategy or pre-fix conditional


  • Humans trade on emotion and get below average market returns.
  • Forex market are exciting, but riskier, making the human element even more dangerous.
  • Institutions use automation to beat the market, but their tools are kept far away from consumers.
  • Retail investors need low-cost automated services to improve their performance


  • FXVNOL is an automated solution, available 24/5 anywhere in the world.
  • It’s built to reduce risk and improve returns with no experience required.
  • Our custom algorithm uses a mix of technical tools and risk management to maximize profit for users
  • FXVNOL is win-win. We have our performance bonus only when investor have more than 6% per annual.


algorithmic trading now accounts for around 85% of the market

Why robot?

  • Watches markets day and night 24/5
  • Trade multiple currency pairs at once
  • Reliable with years of back test
  • Auto stop loss and take profit
  • Trades for you automatically
  • Remove psychological element of trading

Why our A.I?

  • Build from successful trading strategy
  • Data-mining and auto learning
  • 3,931 live trades so far (1.1.2020)
  •  5 years back test and live since Jan 2017
  • +79% win rate (latest year)
  • 95% statistically confident

Strategy & performance

Breakout strategy

One strategy work on Break out strategy and Big data. Series different on risk management and the measure the max capacity load.

performance of Ciato (Real Time Update)

FXVNOL – Practical Forex Club