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Our A.I generated +51% since Jan' 17

Ready to invest in Forex market, but you're not sure where to start? FXVNOL makes it easy.

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What is benefit of forex trading robot?

A forex robot (aka A.I) is software that trades a strategy or prefix algorithm for you


  • Humans trade on emotion and get below average market returns.
  • Forex market are exciting, but riskier, making the human element even more dangerous.
  • Institutions use automation to beat the market, but their tools are kept far away from consumers.
  • Retail investors need low-cost automated services to improve their performance


  • FXVNOL is an automated solution, available 24/5 anywhere in the world.
  • It’s built to reduce risk and improve returns with no experience required.
  • Our custom algorithm uses a mix of technical tools and risk management to maximize profit for users
  • FXVNOL is win-win. Our only fee is a share of profit gain.


algorithmic trading now accounts for around 85% of the market

Why robot?

  • Watches markets day and night 24/5  
  • Trade multiple currency pairs at once
  • Reliable with years of back test
  • Auto stop loss and take profit
  • Trades for you automatically
  • Remove psychological element of trading

Why our A.I?

  • Build from successful trading strategy
  • Data-mining and auto learning
  • More trades - more accurate (4000+ trades so far)
  • 5 years back test and 3 A.I series since 2017
  • 95% statistically confident profit
  • +62% win rate

Strategy & performance

Breakout strategy

One strategy work on Break out strategy and Big data. Series different on risk management and the measure the max capacity load. You can find detailed strategy here.

3 A.I Series

  • Tam thom 1 (Start Jan 2017) ongoing project, full investors
  • Tam thom 2 (Start Mar 2018), stop
  • Tam thom 3 (Start Dec 2018), ongoing, call for investors

monthly GAIN table (Tam thom 1)

How it works

01 Get to know each-other

Register to be free member, you can use our Forum, explorer and ask anything , no string attached.

02 Pilot your invest for 6 months

Pilot for first 6 months with minimum to ro nisk, no monthly and no profit sharing fee.

03 Be an investor

Invest with us and get weekly update, quarterly dividend sharing 


  • April 5 2014

    Concept and Research

    Concept and Research

    April 5, 2014
    A.I trading gonna be future of personal financial investment. We need an agorthym that improve itself overtime. Break-out system and HL-500 were tested, small success that motivated us to keep on going.
  • January 1 2016



    January 1, 2016
    In 2016, we bough fxvnol.com to be the largest and most trusted investing forum in Vietnam, however the A.I were not designed for large member, it were designed for small member with large trade volume. The divergence between the number of users and the design concept of the Robot make it a fail. We close down forum and focus in develop and test. Tam Thom 1 learn from all mistake and start slowly with our own money from Jan 2017. Tam thom 2 start Jan 2018 and we close after 6 months as we realize a fail in this concept...Read More
  • April 5 2020



    April 5, 2020
    Tam thom 1 will have 3 years track record by Dec 2019; We plan to get first customer and get the word out from there.
  • April 5 2021



    April 5, 2021
    In the next 2 years, we will receiving —and soliciting—feedback from early adopters, then using that feedback to continue refining our product or service. How can we improve our offering? What about our customer experience? Concentrate on expanding the aspects of our product that are most beneficial to customers. Our early interactions with customers go a long way toward establishing our credibility and building customer trust. Show that we are taking customers’ concerns into account as we continue to develop our offering. Refinement also means refining our process, making it more efficient. How can we streamline our process? Are there..Read More
  • April 5 2023



    April 5, 2023
    Iterate on what’s working and put processes into place to iterate faster, build out our staff and infrastructure to support our growing workload.
  • April 5 2026

    Becoming Established

    Becoming Established

    April 5, 2026
    Focus on increasing customer retention and loyalty, testing and refining our marketing strategies, and further developing our strengths.


Sebastien Bertin-Maghit, PhD
Senior Advisor / Investor

Applied Science Research Institute Director, trained in biomedical sciences. 

Thomas Linzmeier, BSc
Senior Advisor / Investor

More than forty years’ experience in the USA securities business.

Kim Andre Bui, PhD
Advisor / Investor

Researcher & Professor at Oslo College and University in Mathematics and Physics. 

JS Doli Noviedo, M.Sc.
Data Analysis & Applied Statistic

Lean Six Sigma Expert. Passion in data analysis, applied statistics and A.I.

Huyen X. Vu , MA, MD

Medical doctor passionate about investing, Deep Learning and A.I.