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Looking for an investment plan that work? Schedule a talk with us and let our A.I start making profit for you.

What is benefit of forex trading robot?

A forex robot (aka A.I) is software that trades a strategy or prefix algorithm for you


  • Humans trade on emotion and get below average market returns.
  • Forex market are exciting, but riskier, making the human element even more dangerous.
  • Institutions use automation to beat the market, but their tools are kept far away from consumers.
  • Retail investors need low-cost automated services to improve their performance


  • FXVNOL is an automated solution, available 24/5 anywhere in the world.
  • It’s built to reduce risk and improve returns with no experience required.
  • Our custom algorithm uses a mix of technical tools and risk management to maximize profit for users
  • FXVNOL is win-win. We have our performance bonus only when investor have more than 6% per annual.


algorithmic trading now accounts for around 85% of the market

Why robot?

  • Watches markets day and night 24/5
  • Trade multiple currency pairs at once
  • Reliable with years of back test
  • Auto stop loss and take profit
  • Trades for you automatically
  • Remove psychological element of trading

Why our A.I?

  • Build from successful trading strategy
  • Data-mining and auto learning
  • 3,931 live trades so far (1.1.2020)
  •  5 years back test and live since Jan 2017
  • +79% win rate (latest year)
  • 95% statistically confident

Strategy & performance

Breakout strategy

One strategy work on Break out strategy and Big data. Series different on risk management and the measure the max capacity load.

performance: A.I code name Ciato live since 2017